My hair has gone through many changes over my lifetime  which is probably true for everyone — well most women, at least.  Since I first started making decisions about my hair, it’s been long  (to the middle of my back), short (pixie cuts), and permed (short, medium and long). It’s been highlighted and colored (self and professionally). I’ve used electric curlers, blow-dryers, flat-irons, curling irons, and Velcro rollers to style it. I’ve just left it to dry naturally. I’ve pulled it back in a ponytail. I’ve worn it in braids. I’ve had bangs and no bangs.

In the 1980’s I probably changed my hair-style every 6 months. A friend of ours, who we saw a couple times a year, commented that he never saw me with the same hairstyle one time to the next.

Thinking about it, I believe that my hair is a measure of my emotional state (or my emotional state dictates my hairstyle  — or both). In the 1980’s I think I was trying to figure out who I was, and tried on new hairstyles to see if I could discover the real me.

In the 1990’s I think I tried to have easy-to-care-for, but stylish hair because I had young children, but wanted to look fashionable.

In the 2000’s I think I wanted to avoid anything that would make people think I was trying to look younger than I was, so opted for shorter styles, and didn’t go to the stylist as often as I should have gone, especially when I took some years off work and went to part time. The less frequent visits to my stylist and the resulting not-so-nice hair put me in a funk which resulted in me not really “caring” about my appearance which put me in a bigger funk.

A few years ago I tried to grow my hair long again, but didn’t like the look — I felt that the length pulled my features down, so had Doug cut it short again and the funk continued.

Recently I thought I’d try long hair again, and this time learn how to use a flat iron or curling iron properly. Oh, and products. Lots of products. Doug has been very supportive (he has long hair himself) and thinks the long hair looks good on me. I think he’s right. I feel good about my hair and appearance again.

I bought a new curling iron and the first time I used it was wowed by the results. It takes a long time, so I don’t use it that often, but when I want to look glamorous I do take the time. Usually I just blow it dry (if that) and pull it back in a ponytail. Just knowing the glamorous me is possible is all that matters.  It feels good to feel good about my hair again.

5 thoughts on “Hair!

  1. Wow, my hair is so unruly that I never really change it. It gets long and ugly and I get my daughter to chop it off. I have “colored” it once, with “Sun-In” when I was 16 (hmm, apparently they still make that stuff). I hated when it started growing out. Never again. As long as I don’t start looking like the “People of Walmart”, I’m okay.


  2. I just got the hair cut that will grow out to whatever I will look like at my 30th HS reunion. We shall see… at least it’s not as big as it was before I got to Portland! (I like your long hair!)


  3. I wish I could just blow dry my hair and pull it back in a ponytail. Unfortunately, I look hideous when I do that! I love my hair when it’s nicely straightened. The rest of the time I start to think about whipping out the scissors.


  4. This post speaks volumes to me. It’s amazing how much influence our hair exerts over our emotional state. I even sometimes feel that it drains me physically when it gets too long and unruly.


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