This has been an unusually people-filled week for me. We had friends over on Sunday for a cook-out which was a lot of fun. We grilled chicken and ribs and took our kitchen table outside under the ginkgo tree, covered it with a long cream-colored tablecloth and ate and talked and drank wine, beer and port for several hours. Yes, I felt it the next day.

On Wednesday I hosted one of my book groups — the all-women one. I served tea sandwiches, savory scones, a variety of British cheeses and a cake called a Victoria Sponge. I’d never heard of a Victoria Sponge before, but it seemed easier than trying to make a fruitcake. I’d also never made scones from scratch before — and was surprised how easy they were to make.

I’m a little embarrassed to say that I worked pretty much non-stop on Wednesday to get ready for book group. I suppose I take it far too seriously. We barely talked about the book, but that’s the way this book group functions.

Then on Thursday — yesterday — my cousin and her husband came over for dinner. They were vacationing in Washington DC and had never been to our house. I served Greek style chicken and beef kebabs, tabbouleh and rice.  It was wonderful to catch up with them again.

It’s funny that I can go days without seeing anyone but my immediate family and be perfectly fine with that, yet also be perfectly fine with entertaining guests three  times five days.  Friday evenings I often feel the need to go out to dinner with Dean, but after this week, will be happy to stay home and eat leftovers. Tomorrow we go to our neighborhood book group and I’m happy to not be hosting. I’m also enjoying the break from other people today.

5 thoughts on “Entertaining

    1. Yes, Lali, we have a gingko tree, but I don’t always think it is great. Most autumns our backyard is unusable because of the horrid smell from the ripe gingko fruit. Our neighbors hate us slightly during that time (the fruit falls in 3 lawns in addition to ours.


  1. Sounded like a great week. It’s funny – the food you served for the bookclub was the food I grew up with!

    I’m also envious that you live somewhere where you can guarantee fine calm weather for a cookout in the summer.


    1. Mali — it was a great week, but very exhausting for me. Looking forward to calm times for the foreseeable future.

      And two weeks ago we had what was supposed to be a cookout for Dean’s employees at NIH (which was the rescheduled Christmas party that we had to cancel because of a blizzard) and it poured down rain from the moment the first person arrived. So weather isn’t always fine in the summer here.


  2. I find I go through periods of lots of socializing followed by a period of almost none. It tends to balance itself out!


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