Cat [Poop] Lady

When, at age 13, I first got an indoor cat it was my responsibility to change the litter. We actually didn’t use litter, but Oil-Dri that my dad got in huge bags from the auto-mechanics’ store. I’d fill the cat litter tray and a week later pour it out behind the garage. I doubt that was environmentally safe, but no one complained.

When I moved to an apartment I did pretty much the same, but probably threw the used litter in a trash bag. I don’t even recall where the litter box was in my apartment, but it was somewhere. Probably my bedroom.

When Dean and I moved to Pittsburgh, then Alexandria, with the cats we used litter made for cats instead of Oil-Dri, but the rest of the routine was the same. Fill a box, wait a week (or more sometimes) and throw it out.

Never during all that time did we find cat poop anywhere in the house except in the litter box (or occasionally just outside the litter box) except for when one of our cats reacted to a new cat in the house by developing irritated bowel syndrome which we fixed by getting rid of the new cat.

I was responsible for the cat litter until I got pregnant, then Dean took over the job until about 8 years ago when I insisted we begin to use clumping cat litter and agreed to scoop it.

This worked fine for a number of years until fairly recently. Our aging cats have begun to poop on our living room carpet. They poop on our dining room carpet. They poop behind the litter boxes. They poop in corners of the family room.

I’m to blame — for a while I was not vigilant about keeping their litter boxes that clean, so if I went a few days without scooping their poop they’d start pooping elsewhere. I researched it, bought special expensive cat litter guaranteed to fix the problem (provided you kept the boxes clean).

Now our  cats seem to have the idea that if there is one small piece of feces in the litter box it is unusable. I scoop poop first thing in the morning and some time in the evening just to keep ahead of their bowel schedules. If I don’t I can be assured of a smelly surprise awaiting in the morning. The one saving aspect is that, while they poop more often, it is solid because their new food for “mature” cats contains fiber.

And if that isn’t enough, our neighbor’s very sweet cat poops in our front yard at least 3 times a week. Guess who scoops it?

PS Madeline or Chris — If you read this — I really don’t mind. Skippy is so sweet the additional scooping is NO BIG DEAL.

5 thoughts on “Cat [Poop] Lady

  1. As the slave of a 17 year old cat, I can really relate to this. In fact, this morning at the supermarket I had a conversation with the checkout lady about the cat litter I was buying. What I can’t understand is how you managed to leave cat litter for a week without scooping the poop? I did I misinterpret something here? I guess though I’ve been very lucky – for about 15 years Cleo and Gershwin were outdoor-toileters. Age, fear (of a new neighbourhood cat), and cold got them a few winters ago, and that’s when we discovered little deposits around the house … and started buying litter again.


    1. I don’t think you’re missing anything. The cats buried their droppings and the litter absorbed the pee. It did get gross after a week, but at the time it didn’t occur to me that I should do anything different.


  2. I’ve never heard of a cat not burying their waste outdoors… how is there even anything of Skippy’s to scoop? Are you sure s/he’s not a dog?


    1. I cannot be 100% sure that Skippy is the culprit as I’ve never caught him at it. It looks and smells like cat poop and as far as I know, all of the dog walkers clean up their dogs’ waste. It’s a pile of poop that is deposited on top of the grass to the right of the porch (or left if you’re standing on the porch) in more or less the same spot.


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