Feast or famine

I either have little work or too much work, rarely do I have just enough work. Today and for the next few weeks it looks like feast. While this is a good thing for our pocketbook, it means I’m stuck working on PDF files when I could be (in order of preference):

  • reading and commenting on your blogs
  • reading updates on facebook
  • watering plants in my fairyland on facebook in order to spot things like golden dragons or hedgehogs
  • tweeting what I’m eating for lunch
  • doing laundry
  • cleaning the house

4 thoughts on “Feast or famine

  1. I’ve been a bit faminey, but I keep acting feasty, which could lead to a more literal famine if I’m not careful.

    Good luck getting it all done!


  2. I wish I could share my feast with you, Mali and IB, but you’d never talk to me again.

    Helen – yes. Fairyland. I gave up farming pretend crops for watering pretend plants in hopes of seeing fake wildlife.


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