Lulu Pepper Juliana Bern

I understand that Dan Bern and his love, Danielle, had a baby girl last month. Welcome to the world little Lulu Pepper Juliana Bern. Don’t know where the Lulu Pepper part of the name came from, but the Juliana part is from Dan’s dad who was named Julian. Congratulations, Dan and Danielle!

3 thoughts on “Lulu Pepper Juliana Bern

  1. Hi

    You dont know me – I live in Australia but just came across this post about your baby girl. My mothers name was Lulu Pepper – she lived in England and although no longer with us, just wanted you to know that she was the most wonderful mother and amazing woman, so you obviousy picked a great name. Good luck to your little Lulu.



    1. Hi Audra,

      Thank you for commenting on my blog.

      Lulu Pepper Juliana Bern is not my daughter — she is the daughter of singer-songwriter Dan Bern and his partner, Danielle. You can find more about Dan Bern at his website:

      It sounds like they picked a great name — as it sounds like your mother was a wonderful woman.

      Thanks again,



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