News via Stats

I regularly check the search terms in my stats to see how people landed on my blog. I’ve posted about the rash of ground hog searches and thought a post about other searches, similar to Susan’s, would be fun.

Lately I’ve noticed that the term, “Vic Cianca” has been searched. Until I did a search myself, I couldn’t figure out why the sudden interest in the Pittsburgh Traffic Cop who was a semi-regular feature on the old Candid Camera program and had a cameo in Flashdance; and about whom I mentioned in a post a couple of months ago — comparing him to the traffic cop I see when I take my kids to school.

My Internet search found an obituary but I’m not sure it is the same person. I suspect not, because I’m pretty certain that his death would be bigger news — at least in Pittsburgh.  I think others have the same question — and have come to my blog to find out the answer. Sorry folks — I don’t know either.  Let me know if you do find out, though — OK?

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