Inauguration Day a Holiday Near the Beltway

All of the other school districts in the area had Inauguration day off but Montgomery County Public Schools didn’t — until a few hours ago.

Here’s the text of the announcement:

MCPS To Be Closed on January 20 Inauguration Day
December 9, 2008

The Montgomery County Board of Education voted today (Dec. 9) to designate Inauguration Day, January 20, 2009, as a holiday in Montgomery County Public Schools. All schools and offices will be closed.

In its resolution approving the change to the current school calendar, the Board also noted that Inauguration Day will be designated as a school system holiday in all future years when Inauguration Day occurs.

The resolution, put forward by Board member Christopher Barclay, was passed unanimously. “I am very pleased that the Board decided to close the schools on Inauguration Day, not only on January 20, 2009, but from this point forward,” said Mr. Barclay. “Our students and their families can celebrate the inauguration of our country’s president.”

4 thoughts on “Inauguration Day a Holiday Near the Beltway

  1. Very cool! I wish I were in a school district close enough to cancel school for a historic event. I’m surprised that this is the first time the Montgomery County Schools are doing so; it seems to me it would be foregone conclusion every 4 years. Whatever happened to experiencing “history in the making?”


  2. To be entirely cynical, the reason they haven’t done so for the past two inaugurations was likely because Montgomery County is overwhelmingly Democratic. Not that I thought the last two inaugurations were anything to celebrate.

    Glen Engel-Cox’s last blog post..Klia


  3. I thought MCPS did close schools in earlier years. I remember that when Clinton was inaugurated Clare had a playdate with a girl from her class. My mom, aunt and brother were in town. Dean took them and Andrew to the parade but Clare and I stayed home.

    IB — I don’t know. I’m thinking no. But maybe. 1 – 5 million people on the mall & over an hour delay on the metro doesn’t sound like a picnic — especially in sub-freezing temperatures.

    Dean’s going to bike down with the kids if they want to go though.


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