Dress code memo

[This is why I’m glad I work from my home.]

  1. Examples of Acceptable Professional Dress (not an exhaustive list)
    Suits, blouses, sweaters, shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, sport coats, dress shirts and ties, collared shirts, appropriate styles of shirts/blouses with [company name] name/logo, shoes and sandals designed in styles, lengths, and fabrics that are appropriate for business wear.
  2. Examples of Clothing Not Permitted (not an exhaustive list)
    Shorts, tank tops, skorts, tee-shirts (under-garments), athletic wear, sweat suits and sweat shirts, worn out blue jeans, or jeans with a hem dragging the ground, slippers, beach-type flip-flops, midriff tops, stretch pants, leggings or clothing with any written message that is either advertising, humorous, political, profane or objectionable. Sheer, clingy or tight clothing, evening wear, garments with low cut neck or back lines, clothing without shoulder straps or shoulder straps less than 1″ wide worn without a cover, see-through fabrics without an under layer, clothing that exposes lingerie or under garments.

2 thoughts on “Dress code memo

  1. so at home you work in, what…. evening wear? see-through fabrics?

    just kidding. when i work at home, i work in my green flannel pajamas.


  2. heh – Usually I wear flannel pajamas until I realize it’s past noon; then I shower and change to my see-through evening wear that shows lingerie.


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