Another house dream

So last night / this morning I had another dream about moving into another house. This time, however, the house was pretty normal — brand new, in fact. I was secretly pleased that it was brand new, although I profess to only like older homes. This time, also, we had not sold our current house, and were just checking the new house out by spending a couple of nights in the new house to see if we liked it.

We didn’t have any strong feelings about the house, one way or the other, so figured, why not… It was in Alexandria, Virginia — where we lived before Bethesda; and we discovered, after spending two nights at the house, it was built right next to the George Washington Masonic Memorial. I’d recently been thinking about that place because I thought the steps would be great practice for our trip to Ireland where we were planning on visiting Skellig Michael, an island that, if you walk up 600 steps, you’ll get to visit an ancient monastery.

We’d just decided on buying the house when I noticed that it was not only adjacent to the Memorial, but built in the middle of a cemetery. In fact, looking out one of the windows, I saw several very old tombstones. At first I thought that Clare would love it — being all into haunted places and all. Then I realized that I couldn’t live there because it was obvious that the builders had dug up graves to build the house.

Not sure where that dream came from, but it seems as if we’ve learned our lesson — don’t buy a house without touring the whole thing.

2 thoughts on “Another house dream

  1. To see a new house in your dream, indicates that you are entering into a new phase or new area in your life.

    To dream that you are in a cemetery, indicates an end to a habit or behavior. You are experiencing a rebirth. More directly, the dream may symbolize sadness, unresolved grief or your fears about death.


  2. Oooh, thanks Diane. I must enter new phases in my life a lot, because I dream about moving into new houses a lot. (I didn’t know you knew about dreams…)


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