Daily Archives: May 4, 2008

Old cat learns new trick

Halloween and JoeWe have two cats. We brought them home from Dean’s brother’s farm in Illinois when the kids were small, making the cats (who are litter mates) around 11 years old. We have a screened porch with a door that doesn’t latch. We’ve had this kind of door on the porch since we’ve lived here (over 15 years).

The cats have always been indoor cats. Dean probably would be OK with letting them out, but after losing one cat to a bus in Pittsburgh, I vowed to never let a pet cat outside. Besides, the cats belong to our kids and they don’t want the cats outside.

Somehow the lower screen in the screened door was loosened last fall. I remember wondering if critters would be coming in the porch or if our cats would push through the screen. All autumn the cats would sit by the door, but never tried to go through it. During the winter when they were allowed on the porch the same thing happened — neither cat was aware that freedom was so close at hand.

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