Daily Archives: October 19, 2007

Elgin again

Heading off to Elgin tomorrow afternoon. Parents again – but this time it is my husband’s family.

My mother-in-law passed away last night. My husband was there – he got to say his goodbyes – although he feels like it was more important that he was there in September when his mom was more lucid. She’d been “out of it” for a while. I’m glad he got to spend time with her then and that he was there last night. I’m also glad that my children saw her last when she was standing and able to give us all hugs goodbye. I really didn’t expect that hug to be the last one – I thought she’d be around for a while yet.

On this side of 50, I think about death a lot more than I did before. Not in a frightened way, just in a matter of fact kind of way, although I’d rather not think about it at all. It is amazing – and probably good – that young people don’t realize how short life really is – it is a rather depressing thought.

The kids and I spent the day getting ready for our trip. Andrew, who will be a pallbearer, wanted a black (as opposed to navy) suit for the funeral. He also needed shoes – he’d grown a couple of sizes from the last dress shoes we bought (two years ago).

We’re staying in a motel this trip. I felt it would be easier on everyone. My family would have the space and privacy to get ready for the ceremonies. We’d also be able to be together – something that was not easily done during the summer. It will be a little odd, staying in a motel in my hometown, but it is for the best.


Am I the only one who thinks this is kind of weird?

An exercise bike for toddlers that has educational benefits. What happened to playing outside in sandboxes and running around and jumping. Or riding a tricycle? Or climbing a tree?

Maybe I am out of it – after all, I had kids in the last century – but this just rubs me the wrong way.

And when are they going to make one for grown-ups? I mean one that teaches us while we fake-cycle.