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My brief fling with Comcast

In June we decided to check out one of RCN’s competition, Comcast. We chose Comcast because of their digital voice messaging offer. I was intrigued by the ability to check voicemail online. I’d always thought this would be fun, to be able to listen to voice messages by clicking a link or button in a browser window. It was pretty cool, but with all the trouble we had with our connection – I wish we’d either stayed with RCN or gone to Verizon FiOS instead.

It began fine – we got hooked up with Comcast in a couple of hours, the technician was friendly enough and things seemed to be going smoothly. Sometime in August – around the first week, we began having outages in our Internet and dropped phone calls. We had a Comcast technician at our house pretty much every week, sometimes more often. My next door neighbor commented that the other neighbors were going to begin thinking I was having an affair with a Comcast technician.

I wrote about the entire sordid affair (there’s that word again) on dslreports.com (and was snubbed because I’d only just joined) if you want to read it.

About a month ago we got so fed up we decided to go with Verizon FiOS instead. They were supposed to come out and install their service last Thursday, but the representative I spoke to in September didn’t file the order correctly, so our telephone number was not ready to be removed from Comcast’s clutches. Verizon apologized and is giving us a free month of phone service for the mistake and because I reported the representative as being rude.

We were worried Comcast would hold us to a contract, but somehow the contract was never signed (or didn’t get to them). I’m kind of surprised Comcast has not called and tried to get us to stay, but perhaps Verizon still has not asked for our telephone number.

Ohh – I like this story:

75-Year-Old Woman Takes Hammer to Comcast Office