Speaking of popularity

Ok. I know this blog is not at all popular, but another blog I manage is — a little. I set up the HTCA.net weblog for our neighborhood -as a way to get some information out to folks in Huntington Terrace. Because our usually quiet neighborhood is in a battle with a neighborhood hospital about their expansion plans, we’ve gotten some media attention.

Looking at the stats on the other weblog, I see that the hospital in question has visited us on key dates:

  • May 23 – The hospital held a meeting for area residents and unveiled its plan for expansion.
  • June 6 – the date after the neighborhood met to vote on the hospital’s plans (we voted nearly unanimously to reject the plans)
  • June 17 – the day an article came out in the Washington Post about the issue
  • June 19 – the day the Gazette published an article about it
  • June 25 – the day WJLA ran a piece about this on the 5:00 news

Other visitors have been The Washington Post, The Gazette, and WJLA.

They will find nothing though. We are not publishing anything about the issue on he weblog. It’s fun to view the stats.

2 thoughts on “Speaking of popularity

  1. Probably not, Scott. I tend to keep them separate. You can subscribe to rss feeds on whatever ones you are interested in, however.


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