Last full day

The day mom comes back has finally arrived. I was sitting up here working this morning and the R.E.M song, Don’t Go Back to Rockville came on the radio. I had to laugh. Maybe the bedroom has grown accustomed to me and wants me to stick around.

The dishwasher repairman stopped by today and for $65 did nothing but make an appointment to come back. He was a nice guy, great with Dad – even after Dad yelled at me to not pay anything until the repairman came back and finished the job. Interesting – Dad was an appliance repairman for 40 some years. He should understand.

Dad survived a hot dog. I’ve been reluctant to buy him one after his near-death experience with a hamburger. But he likes them and I grew tired of cooking big meals a number of days ago. We’ve been eating leftovers. (well, I’ve been sneaking out…)

Went to the Elgin Public House last night with my sister-in-law, Carol, and then we stopped at the Martini Room. What is it about Elgin that makes it so much more friendly than Bethesda? Not that I go to bars in Bethesda much, but I’ve never been treated so kindly in that town as I was last night.

5 thoughts on “Last full day

  1. I don’t think I’ve been to the Elgin Public House either! But I have been to the Martini Room. I probably didn’t get a good impression of the Martini Room, because it was for some Elgin Pub Crawl thing (? I forget exactly what that deal was) and so it was packed to overflowing, so you just had to push your way in for a moment and then struggle to get right back out.

    I like Elgin quite a bit. I keep hoping the downtown keeps revitalizing–but I have my concerns about “the boat.” I’m not puritanical about such things, and I’ve been in a casino a few times in my day, but overall, they bore me to death and I only go in b/c someone I know wants to. Overall, I understand the economics of thinking a town would want one, but I’m not convinced the benefits are worth it.


  2. There were a total of 6 customers at the Martini Room last night. They said that it got more crowded around 9. So take your wife there some day around 6 – probably not a Friday. It was very pleasant. When Elgin goes no-smoking, it will be even better.

    I want Elgin to succeed in becoming a place people want to go, but I agree about the casino. I was against it when it was announced and am still against it. I feel like Elgin has sold its soul.


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