Hi, I’m Jane Doe and I’m a Betaholic

There, I’ve said it. I love betas. I join beta groups because I want to be the first to know. My email address must be out there in hundreds of beta databases, even ones I’ve long forgotten about. Especially in ones I’ve long forgotten about.

Sometimes I realize I’m not a good candidate for the beta group – either as soon as I sign up or when it moves out of beta. Very occcasionally I find a perfect niche, a place I feel as if I really belong.

What is best about betas is this – especially if you are among a small group of testers – you get to be part of the in-crowd for a while, especially just when the beta goes out of beta. You already know the ropes and perhaps you had a say in some of the features. It’s like high school and you are one of the popular kids!

The best way to find out about betas is the website of

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