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The Girl at the Bottom of the Cup

I first saw the girl at the bottom of the cup about the time I was old enough to drink milk/juice/Kool-Aid from a big-girl cup. I was young enough to wonder who she was. She was always at the bottom of the cup, no matter where I was when I drank from a cup. I remember being reassured that life was normal when she appeared at the bottom of the cup after we’d moved into our new house around the time I was five years-old. I considered her a friend.

At some point I no longer looked for her, but when I did, she was always there. Also, at some point I realized it was my reflection — although her nose was much bigger than mine. Over the years there are long stretches of time that I don’t even think about the girl at the bottom of my cup, but then I see her again.

Lately, in the morning when I take my last few sips of coffee, I notice her there at the bottom of my coffee mug. I think she’s more noticeable when the coffee cup is dark, but she’s there in light colored cups too. I don’t think she’s at the bottom of transparent glassware though. I guess I have never checked.

I wanted to get this on the blog because I don’t think I have ever told anyone about the girl at the bottom of the cup. Now I have. I’ll bet you have someone at the bottom of your cup too.

She’s right there, under that coffee