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[Not] Fanning the Flames

My inbox is nearly on fire this morning. Two email lists are very active with heated discussions. One centers on a proposed cell phone tower at the local high school and the other discussion is about accessible PDFs. While I have opinions about both issues I’m not going to participate in either discussion because I really don’t think that the folks with one view are really listening to the folks with an opposing view so participating in either discussion would be a waste of time, energy and emotions.

Passionate discussions on email lists and bulletin boards all seem to follow the same pattern. Someone posts a topic — sometimes it might be a little inflammatory, but many times it is simply an innocent question — which is true of both of the cases that are being discussed on the email lists today. Then someone answers the question or statement with one point of view and someone else responds to the person with another point of view. Then the really passionate folks start chiming in and often someone makes fun of someone on the other side and then someone from the other side defends their position using stronger words and before you know it, unless the moderator (or a seasoned list user) steps in and tells the folks to calm down or take it off-list or cease and desist, someone is being referred to as a Nazi. I’ve seen it so many times that it is actually sometimes fun to watch.

Wine Juice Boxes – not such a good idea

On one our stops at a Target store while on our college road trip, I wanted to pick up some small bottles of wine — in case I wanted a glass of wine when we were settled in for the night (those of you who know me, know that OF COURSE I’D WANT A GLASS OF WINE WHEN WE WERE SETTLED IN FOR THE NIGHT). In the wine aisle at the Batavia, Illinois Target I saw some individual boxes of wine. I thought it was just a box of wine, but then noticed it was 4 single serving boxes — very reminiscent of juice boxes. I had to buy it because it looked so cute and unique. Was there a straw for each box, I wondered?

Even the check out clerk was confused — being under 21, she was not allowed to handle the wine purchase, but thought it was “organic juice boxes”.

The wine inside is Ok. Not great, but not bad for wine in a juice box. No straw, alas…

I am concerned, however — both my kids were much more intrigued by the small wine boxes than they are of wine in bottles. I see potential underage drinking trouble with these boxes. They are small. They don’t look like traditional wine containers. They could easily be overlooked by a parent or adult who might think the small boxes were fancy juice boxes.