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Finally! The mystery is solved

For the past several years I’ve been puzzled by a bird sound I hear in the spring. For a while I thought perhaps it was not a bird, but a delivery truck with squeaky wheels, but why was I only hearing it in the spring and early summer?

Yesterday I caught a glimpse of what I thought might be the bird, high in the tulip poplar that looms over my house. I knew it was a warbler, by its bill and the way it was moving. It was black and white with a bit of yellow.

I ran into the house and Googled warbler images and found the bird on a web site — Myrtle Warbler. Then I tried to locate a myrtle warbler on the Cornell Birding site, only to be redirected to yellow-rumped warbler. Hmm, seems like more names have been changed…

I checked out the sound of the yellow-rumped warbler and yes indeed, that was the sound I’d been hearing.

As much as I love my worn copy of Peterson’s, I have to love the internet for helping me quickly ID the bird.

What is this?

I just looked out my bedroom window and did a double take. Is our tulip poplar getting its wisdom teeth? It looks like a molar is growing out of this dead tree branch.

Mystery PictureMystery Picture 2Mystery Picture 3

What do you think it is?

It could be a bone taken into the tree by one of the local raccoons. It could be a bit of wood, but how did it get there? I thought it might be some sort of mushroom, but it doesn’t seem to be attached at the bottom.

It’s a mystery.

[Edited: May 15 — The next day the object had been moved closer to the trunk of the tree and by noon it was gone. Never figured out what it was. Maybe a muffin a squirrel was hording?]