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67. I could have said it was in my way

It’s getting to the point where I am struggling to come up with a song each day. It might just be blog-block, or it could be I’ve run dry of relevant songs.

This morning I thought I’d write about bumping my head the other day. I was rushing around getting dinner ready and walked into an open kitchen cabinet door. I said lots of curse words. The kids felt bad for me – got me ice, rubbed my neck and said comforting things like, “Wow! Mom! That’s a huge bump!” and “It’s going to turn all sorts of colors like yellow and green and blue.” and “Now it’s the size of a Cadbury Cream Egg!”

What song could go with bumping my head? Wasn’t there a kids’ song about it? About an old man who fell out of bed and bumped his head and couldn’t get up in the morning?

Then I remembered another song – a song adults knew – a popular song at one time. It had a chorus that contained the words, “I almost bumped my head.”

I looked up those lyrics and didn’t find anything except stories about people almost bumping their heads. I tried the tap a song website and tried tapping the rhythm with my keyboard. No luck.

Then I did a Google search using wildcards and discovered I’d misremembered the lyrics.

Maybe I got a concussion when I bumped my head. And I’m not feeling up to par. It increases my paranoia…

Anyway, here is David Crosby singing Almost Cut my Hair.