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Oh yeah, Easter

We did celebrate Easter this year, unlike last year when I sort of forgot about it (except for the obligatory going to church thing and taking photos afterward). I remembered to decorate the house.

Oh look! there's a naked bunny in the yard.
Oh look! There's a naked bunny in the yard.
Help us! We're being held prisoner!
Help us! We're being held prisoner!

We also colored Easter Eggs:

Easter Egg Dye
Easter Egg Dye
Experimenting with vinegar (cider works as well as white -- shirt optional)

Had an Easter Egg hunt:

Who forgot to dust up here?
Who forgot to dust up here?
Dean really hid the eggs well
Dean really hid the eggs, oh well here's a gallon of Jelly Bellies(TM)

And finally, took the traditional after church photograph with lots of practice shots while we tried to remember how to use the self-timer:

No, I'm not taking a photo dear, says Dean.
"No, I'm not taking a photo yet," assured Dean.
"Ok, I think I've got it. Smile," called Dean.
"Ok, I think I've got it. Smile," called Dean. Andrew and Dona pose.
And again
And again
"Hmm," thinks Dona, "where's Clare for these photographs?"
"Hmm," thinks Dona, "where's Clare for these photographs?"

Finally! The three of us:

Happy Easter
Happy Easter

Happy Easter from our family

We have a few traditions on the holidays — Christmas we go to Illinois and spend Christmas Eve with Dean’s family and Christmas Day with mine. Thanksgiving we often see a movie while the Turkey cooks. On Easter we go to church after a family Easter egg & Easter basket hunt.

On Easter we also often take a photograph of the four of us all decked out in our Easter outfits.

So, today we went to church and came home to take a photograph with my new camera. I’d seen the self-timer a couple of times, but never used it to take a timed photo except accidentally. Clare thought she knew what to do. Dean set up the camera on a tripod in front of the house and focused on the front stoop. Joe happily posed for him.

Setting up the auto shot -- Joe in the doorway
Joe in the doorway

Then Clare went out to help Dean set up the shot. She focused on him and took his photograph.

Setting up the auto shot
Dean looking stern

Thinking it was all set, Dean called Andrew and me to join the family photo but no one knew what to do for sure. We tried a couple of times and stood on the stoop all wearing our best “say cheese” smiles but nothing happened. We felt a little foolish, especially when cars drove by. Clare suggested we take 4 photographs and Photoshop them together.

So I thought I’dgive it a  try. I did figure it out but was not fast enough to get in the photograph. And then couldn’t reproduce what I’d done the first time.

Dona Tries
The Three Ones and the back of Dona's head.

So Andrew thought he’d give it a try.

Andrew Tries
What happened to Andrew?

Finally Clare decides to try again. After pushing several buttons we noticed the light was flashing. She ran up to the stoop and got in the photograph just in time.

Final Easter Family Photo
Follmann & Patrick Family Foto Easter 2009

We’ve since read the manual — so next year we’ll be all set.