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British Humor

I thought I liked British Humor, but recently I’ve begun to wonder if I do, or really ever did.

I began watching Monty Python’s Flying Circus as a junior or senior in high school and found it highly enjoyable. I adored Fawlty Towers — the character of Basil still makes me giggle when I think of his antics. “Don’t mention the War!” can induce fits of laughter if I’m in the right mood. I liked Pauline Collins and John Alderton in No, Honestly, mostly because Ms Collins was so darned cute. More recently, I’ve enjoyed The Office and Extras, both starring Ricky Gervais, but didn’t like Coupling.

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I hate sports

…but I like wrestling.

My  fifteen (as of yesterday) year old son is a wrestler on his high school varsity team. I never developed an interest in watching him wrestle in his rec or beltway teams, nor did I find soccer, basketball or even rugby very engrossing.

But I actually look forward to his wrestling meets and tournaments now.

What’s different?   I don’t know. Maybe I don’t want to analyze it much for fear of losing the interest.

I’ve spent a considerable amount of time redesigning their website and just now finished.  It’s time for a break.