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21. Two cats in the yard

During my stay in London the winter of 1978 -’79, I was introduced to a bunch of new music. After Kate Bush, my favorite song was probably “Our House” by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. I don’t even know if I heard it on a radio or stereo, but I do remember Tim and George singing it.

Once I returned to the states I learned it was by CSN&Y when I called up a local radio station to ask that it be played. They didn’t play it, but I learned the name of the band, and bought myself the album.

I still stop dead in my tracks and get warm all over whenever I hear it played on the radio or over a speaker at a store. When I hear it at home I smile and have a sudden urge to let our two indoor cats into the backyard, throw some flowers in a vase and light a fire in the fireplace. (I don’t really let the cats out)

Once Cindy and I got into a pretend argument because we wanted to claim that song the song of our present lives.

Edited to add this interview by Graham Nash explaining the song. (thanks Del!) I love it when something I love is explained. It makes it so much better. Usually. I love a good steak, but don’t want to know that much about it.