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59. The Day is Full of Birds

The weather is finally warm enough to keep the windows open at night. My favorite part of open windows is being awakened to birdsong in the mornings.

I always think of the first track on side two of Kate Bush’s Aerial when I hear the birds singing in the morning and say, to myself — or out loud is someone is in the room, “The day is full of birds”.

Listen to Prelude

The day is full of birds
Sounds like they’re saying words.

If you’ve not checked out Kate’s website, do so now. Especially if you like birds.

44. Dawn Chorus

I had a great idea for a post while in Savannah. Every morning while we were at our Tybee Beach Cottage I’d wake up to lovely but loud birdsong, so I was going to get up a little earlier and record some birdsong from the beautiful wrap-around porch, post it online, link to it and write a post called Yardbirds or something like that.

As you can see, I didn’t do that. No excuse except laziness.

However I will post a link to a track from an album I bought many years ago. Our friends, Neal and Marie, told us about a public radio program that began with birdsong. We never got Morning Pro Musica down here in the DC area, but I was able to buy a copy of a record album with the bird song from Morning Pro Musica.

Whenever I am awakened, especially in the spring, to the music of birdsong, I think of this radio show that I never heard.

Listen to some dawn birdsong. It might have been from Savannah, but I suspect it was from Massachusetts.