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19. Happy Pi Day to You

Yesterday afternoon my daughter informed me that today was Pi Day and she could earn five bonus points if she brought a pie to geometry class.

Sure enough – it’s Pi Day alright. The Internet told me so. And several musicians have written songs about it. Although it really is only Pi Day in the US because we put the month before the day when we write our dates. (Do any other countries do that? Canada perhaps?)

My favorite pie song is the Don McLean one though. I first heard American Pie the year it was recorded, in 1971. I’m sure of that. The day after I heard it I was standing outside my junior high school – it was 9th grade. I was fifteen. I was trying to describe the song to my best friend, Cindy. She was either not paying attention, or didn’t care. I recall being frustrated, but not as frustrated as I was weeks later when she described the most fabulous song she’d ever heard. It was the same song. That happened a lot with Cindy.

I still like American Pie, but so does everyone else. It was my son’s favorite song for years.

And then there’s this.