One of my better bulletin boards

Imagine if you will, a bulletin board in a classroom in a school for students with behavior issues. Imagine the bulletin board contained several pieces of construction paper shaped like helium balloons. Imagine the balloon shapes each contained a school guideline/rule. Now imagine photos of each student, the teacher, and assistant, each holding their arm in the air, like this one:

Me, aged somewhere between 26 and 29

Then imagine a piece of yarn attached to the hands in the photo and attached to a single string that tied all the balloons together.

This was a bulletin board I created one year to represent that each one of us was responsible for upholding the classroom/school rules/guidelines.

At the end of the year we each received our photo, on which everyone in class wrote something nice about the person depicted in the photo.

I don’t know if the bulletin board was helpful in insuring the students followed the rules, but it certainly looked good!

I might have a photo of it somewhere. I’ll add it to this post if I find it.

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