Birthday Note to My Dad

I wasn’t sure what the movie that we missed out on was or what restaurant we went to, but I remember the jazz bar where we listened to new-age jazz (I don’t know why I put them in quotation marks). It was a dive bar where one could hear live bands at the time. Since then it’s been a German Octoberfest kind of restaurant and a Belgian Mussel bar kind of place. I am not sure the building is even there anymore.

My dad’s birthday was March 7 — I was always late sending cards and gifts. Still am. It’s kind of pathetic that I spent much of the birthday letter berating myself for it being late.

We hardly ever had a babysitter, so this was pretty special. Too bad we didn’t really enjoy it.

March 6, 1996

Dear Dad,

As you can tell from the date, I won’t get this mailed in time to get to you for your birthday. I always have good intentions, but don’t act on them. Sorry once again.

Hope you had a great birthday. Your present will be even later than this letter. Mailing things just isn’t my favorite thing to do. If I had been smart I would have gotten you something and mailed last Friday when I mailed Brandon’s gift. (Don’t feel bad, I also mailed a gift to Chris Culler, Diane’s son, whose birthday was in January.)

The kids are drawing pictures. Dean is doing the dishes. I am really tired. I think it is the pollen in the air. (or could it be the late nights and early mornings?)

We got a babysitter last weekend. It was a “teacher” from the kids’ day care. I think we will use her again. She played with the kids the entire time. They both woke up asking for her.

Actually I think the kids had a better time than we did. The restaurant where we ate was overpriced and not so good (the food was delicious, not exquisite). Then we didn’t get into the movie we wanted to see. We ended up at a “fern bar” listening to “new-age jazz” played by a clone of Terry O’Connor. The music was fine but I ended up having too much chardonnay.

The kids found out it was your birthday and now you have a bunch of drawings for the fridge.

We love and miss you.

Dean, Dona, Clare, and Andrew

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