Vintage Promotional Pen

I am not sure how my Mom and Dad knew Phyllis Walters. As far as I know she didn’t live in Elgin. I may be mixing up my parents’ friends, but I think perhaps Phyllis and her husband sold Christmas trees every year and we’d trek there most years to get a tree. I vividly remember sitting in the little shack, drinking something warm. I think they gave my parents Glogg.

I remember my mom talking about Phyllis running for this or that office and being active in some candidates campaigns. I don’t think I listened very closely since I really didn’t remember her that well.

Among the items I brought home from my Mom’s house was a strange looking pen in a canoe shaped box. On further inspection “Phyllis K. Walters, Recorder” could be seen in red on the side. On even further inspection (taking the pen apart), the inside of the top barrel contained three coin batteries, long spent, as far as I could tell.

Curiosity got the better of me so I spent a few dollars to buy new batteries for this strange pen. What do you think? Money well spent?

OMG! It lights up!

I am curious about who was given this pen? Anyone who expressed interest in Phyllis’ campaign for Recorder? Folks who donated to her campaign? Am I the only person who replaced the batteries?

While it came with an extra ink cartridge, it seems to have dried up so I won’t be using this pen for correspondence. I’m not sure what I will be using it for, if anything.

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