Grandpa Green’s Pens and Pencils

I’ve written about my Grandpa Green a few times here. Some how I ended up with some of his pens and pencils. I know two of them were his for sure, and I’m pretty sure the other was his. In fact, I think that all the pens and pencils I found in a cigar box were my grandparents’.

This fountain pen with a lever was easy to establish as his. It has his name engraved on the band.

Unfortunately the ink bladder inside the pen barrel has hardened with age and shattered when I opened the pen so I won’t be writing any correspondence with this pen.

This vintage mechanical pencil was most likely used by my grandfather at work. I know this because it has U. S. Government stamped on the side. The third photo shows the vintage pencil with a modern mechanical pencil used by U. S. Government employees.

This last mechanical pencil could have been. I even think I remember seeing it sticking out of his pocket protector. It’s from the Loyal Order of the Moose — an organization in which he was very active.

I could definitely use the pencils for correspondence — not only do they still contain viable lead, I also found a few boxes of leads!

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