Where at Least Someone Knows My Name

I grew up in a smallish town where one often ran into people they knew when they were out and about. My parents went to specific bars where they were known by name — the Moose, the Dutch Inn, the sports bar whose name I have forgotten.

Moving from Elgin to Pittsburgh, I became an unknown. There was nowhere except my places of employment where I was known. Moving to Alexandria, the same — there was not one place other than work where anyone knew my name.

I wanted a “Cheers Bar” place where I was known. I wanted to be a regular somewhere. I was tired of being a stranger in places I frequented.

About fifteen years ago I finally got my wish. The owner of a restaurant we liked greeted me by name after visiting only a couple of times. Just because of that we’ve continued to go there — for dinner, for lunch, for bottles of wine or six-packs of beer.

A month or so ago I was surprised when the local fishmonger didn’t have to ask my name when I stopped by to pick up my fish order. I laughed and said I felt like I was walking into the Cheers Bar. He may be to young to understand, but hey… he knew my name.

Finally, just yesterday when I was shopping at a local boutique for a mother of the groom dress* for Andrew’s wedding, one of the sales people remembered my first name after hearing my last name. So that kind of counts, right?

I think I am sort of close to being known in another store, but I need to go more often.

*The dress I bought

5 thoughts on “Where at Least Someone Knows My Name

  1. Gorgeous dress (I was going to add your name, but then I wasn’t sure if you want to remain anonymous on this site, unlike in your neighbourhood). Hopefully you won’t outshine the bride!

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  2. Fabulous dress, dahlink. I was recently in Portland for the first time in 2.5 years and in two restaurants there were bartenders who knew us immediately (and that we were birders!). One, no longer tending bar, left the kitchen to come say hello to us. It felt like home.

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