Art in the House

A few years ago at an arts and crafts show in Washington, DC a relatively new friend who’d never been to my house asked me if I had art in my house. It was a question I was unprepared to answer and said no, except for my daughter’s paintings and drawings, we really had no other art in the house. My friend went on to tell me about the art pieces in her house but I wasn’t listening. I was thinking of the art in my house and how I should have answered the question differently.

At the time I had:

  • Jeremy’s “Dona at Stonehenge” (as well as at least three of his other paintings)
  • Robert Addison’s “Moonlit Carousel”
  • Mary Hamilton’s “Wolves Dining Out (Observed)”, and “The Invitation”

We also had various pieces of pottery and carved wooden pieces handmade by artists.

Since my friend’s question we’ve obtained (mostly as gifts) several other pieces of art created mostly by artists we know.

Every time we do receive a new painting, print, carving or piece of pottery I think back to that question, “Do you have any art in your house?” and silently say to my friend, “As a matter of fact, I do. I have a lot of art in my house.”

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