Mom’s Grade School Report Cards

In a box in the kneewall of our attic is a box marked “Mom’s Stuff” that contains some things I took from my mother’s house that are particularly relevant to her. Here are her grade school report cards.

Mom went to Garfield Elementary School in Elgin, Illinois. In her later years she reconnected with some of her grade school classmates and met often for lunch or other activities.

Kindergarten (1941-1942)

Her Kindergarten teacher was Jane W. Johnson. Mom’s grades were satisfactory across the board.

Grade 1 (1942 – 1943)

Her first grade teacher was Marion D. Korby. Under Citizenship and Character Development it looks like my mom was satisfactory in everything except respecting law and order. For the first half of the year she either needed improvement or was improving but still unsatisfactory.

Academically it seems she was fine except that she needed improvement in reading silently without lip movement. WTF? Is that even something?

Also interesting is that she was absent for 9 days (out of around 40) for the last grading period.

Grade 2 (1943 – 1944)

Mom in January 1944

Mom’s second grade teacher was Helen Bartlett. This year she was satisfactory in everything and hardly absent at all.

Grade 3 (1944 – 1945)

Mom’s teacher in third grade was Clara Wechter and Mom was again satisfactory in everything.

Grade 4 (1945 – 1946)

Mom, April 1946

In fourth grade the report card not only changes color, but the academic section changes, adding more subjects including Social Studies, Spelling, Handwriting, Music, Art, PE and Manual Arts (whatever that was). Mom’s teacher was Edna Gage (possibly a distant relative on Mom’s father’s side) and Mom was satisfactory in everything.

Grade 5 (1946 – 1947)

In fifth grade where Mom had M. Parlasca for a teacher (M for Mrs or Miss or Mary or Mr.?) the report cards changed again. A whole page for Citizenship (where no check = good) and another page for Scholarship and Attendance. Another change is that now grades A, B, C, D, and E are used instead of S, N, and I. It looks like Mom was a solid B student in most subjects with English, Spelling and Handwriting turning to A second semester.

Grade 6 (1947 – 1948)

M. Roberts taught Mom in sixth grade. Mom was again a solid B student, except for Arithmetic where she received A- most periods.

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