Daily Archives: July 26, 2021


Thirty! Thirty? How can Clare be thirty years old? Wasn’t it last year she was a toddler? Wasn’t it last month she graduated from high school? Wasn’t it last week she left for college? Wasn’t it yesterday she moved across the country?

I cannot adequately describe how incredibly proud I am of Clare. She’s found ways to support herself during her time in Olympia. Some of those ways have not been pleasant, but she persevered. She has finally landed her dream job where she is highly respected. Clare has made some loyal and loving friends and is a loyal and loving friend herself. Clare attended graduate school while working at a bookstore. She’s been published twice and has, at least once, been referenced in another publication.

All that in only thirty years. More than I’ve accomplished in more that twice that amount of time.

Happy Birthday Clare/Bug/Bear/Baby-Girl, I love you more than you will ever know.