My most *** purchase ever

Our topic last week was your most insert adjective here purchase ever. I have not read any of the posts and I really don’t know that there is one stand-out purchase for any adjective I can think of.

Oh wait.

I think I know.

My most un-woke purchase ever

On January 30, 2020 I bought the Kindle addition of American Dirt. I’d read many articles, tweets and blog posts explaining why I should not buy the book, but I bought it anyway.

I did it because it was recommended by Stephen King. I didn’t do it because Oprah chose it for her book club. I did it so I could talk about something that I’d actually read and not just read about.

I started reading it. I thought it was well-written, at least what I read. I stopped for a few reasons: to concentrate on books I needed to read for this reason or that, I didn’t like part of the storyline, I felt guilty for buying it in the first place.

I still plan on finishing it but it needs to wait in line for a few other books I want to finish.

8 thoughts on “My most *** purchase ever

  1. I think it’s important to decide things for ourselves. It’s only unwoke because she profits from your purchase. But reading it allows you to speak from authority of having read it instead of, like you said, read about it

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  2. I can so relate to this: I have a long lineup of books waiting for me. I have to keep pausing my library holds and I’m realizing that there’s too much out there to read and I’m never going to be able to read everything I want to read, unless everyone, everywhere, stops writing books tomorrow.

    And Mali (she says sternly), thanks to one of your posts I picked up a three-inch thick copy of The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair from the library today. I can hear the books at the back of my reading line shouting death threats at me.

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    1. I just googled American Dirt as I hadn’t heard of the book. I think I missed the point of your post–this is nothing out of the ordinary for me!–so please take my comment as just another of my frequent ramblings.

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      1. Oops – that was in response to Helen.

        I also had to google the controversy about American Dirt, but you had smiling me at your title – “most unwoke purchase ever.” I’m sure I’ve made plenty of unwoke purchases – I’m just not woke enough to know.

        Also – life is too short to finish books that aren’t grabbing you.

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  3. My stepdaughter suggested we read American Dirt together, but I didn’t need another distraction–or another book. Like Helen, I have sooo many lined up, and they’re probably running out of patience.

    What does “un-woke’ mean?

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    1. Susan, “woke” means something like being aware of injustice in society. So un-woke is the opposite, or or maybe it means being aware of injustice in society and adding to that injustice.


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