Barn building, the Costco way

This morning while seeing what toilet paper Costco sold, I clicked a link on Costco’s page called “Shop Unexpected Finds” and was taken to a list of odd things you can buy at Costco.

What can this be?

What caught my eye was the barn kit. You can buy a barn kit from Costco. Like a Sears Home, but bigger, and for livestock. Or horses. Or alpacas.

There’s even a video of an alleged barn kit purchaser who loved the barn kit so much he also bought a shop kit (actually it is a garage). From Costco.

I wonder if, decades from now, someone will write books about Costco barns. I kind of doubt it.

3 thoughts on “Barn building, the Costco way

  1. Oh, I love Costco. Maybe when I retire from my current job I’ll try to get a job there (in the hopes of getting an employee discount on a barn kit and a 50-pound jar of pickles).


  2. Now I have to go look at this barn kit. It actually looks much nicer than most of the potential next-homes I’ve been looking at as Rich and I begin to figure out where we will land next. The dogs and cats might be happier in a barn as well. And maybe less housekeeping would be expected? Hmmm.


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