Finished two, selected another

I finished The Sympathizer yesterday and Chocolat today. The Sympathizer is exquisitely written, but highly disturbing. It’s going to be difficult to talk about it on Thursday with my book group colleagues. I usually feel inferior to them, intellectually, anyway — so if everyone gushes over the book, I might lose it. I know one friend liked it and seemed surprised that I didn’t. I didn’t need to read the rape scene to live a more fulfilled life though. And of course there are the descriptions of torture. And the squid.

Chocolat, on the other hand was lovely to read. It is quite different from the film — enough so that I was often able to not picture Johnny Depp as Roux. It was, of course, a much lighter read than The Sympathizer and contained no more torture than a devout priest’s self torture. No rape, but definitely physical abuse. And no squid.

I think the next book that takes the place of Chocolat (an unread eBook) will be The End of Your Life Bookclub by Will Schwalbe. It was a bookgroup read back when I was still using my Nook instead of a Kindle — a long time ago. I started reading it but could not get into it. I think I skipped book group that month. I imagine reading it will give me more ideas of books to read.

3 thoughts on “Finished two, selected another

  1. “so if everyone gushes over the book, I might lose it.” Ha! I just read a beautiful but very violent book AND I watched a funny but violent series and I just really really need a break from violent.

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  2. There’s a book based in India that had rave reviews online and I heard rave reviews on the radio too – including interviews with the now-celebrated author. I hated it. There was gratuitous violence that supposedly educated by just made me sick about the subject, the author, etc. And my old bookclub’s first ever book choice was a book that the others raved about. Life-changing, they called it. Such a twist, they said. Yet I saw the twist coming from the first page, and hated that book too. Fortunately, there was one other in the club who didn’t like it either!

    In other words, we all have to own our opinions. It does NOT mean you’re not as intellectual. (Maybe it means the opposite? lol)


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