Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris

This book has a little history for me. Clare read it in high school as a project — they were to read a book from a list of books and write an essay explaining why the book they read should be put in a time capsule to explain to future generations what this generation was like.

I’d never heard of David Sedaris when she was reading this (must have missed his name when he did his segments on NPR or something) and when she told me the name of the book I was appalled. Making fun of people who cannot talk well? What on earth was her English teacher thinking? Clare assured me it was not making fun of anyone with a lisp or stutter, but didn’t explain any more.

I finally discovered David Sedaris and have read several of his books, and love hearing him on NPR whenever I catch him. This was great — slightly dated, but great.

He comes to this area quite a bit (we were going to see him a few months ago but regretfully changed our minds at the last moment) and I have always planned on telling him the story about Clare reading his book and my reaction when he signs a book for me someday. He might get a kick out of it.

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