Referral Sheet for Navy Veterans 1950

This was among papers marked “Official” in Mom and Dad’s things. I’m surprised at the vagueness of information and wonder how the addresses were obtained (oh, okay, read the note at the end) without the Internet (yeah, I know I lived without the Internet for much of my life, but it seems so long ago and such a tedious process).

Referral Sheet for Navy Veterans 1950 see table below
Referral Sheet for Navy Veterans 1950

Write to

[table id=3 /]

Consult your local telephone directory or post office for local address

All copies of DD form 214 now in your possession are for your own personal use. Do Not return any copies of this to the Selective Service Board

Please Note This


All male separatees shall be advised that whether or not they are exempt from induction they must report to a Selective Service Local Board within 30 days of the effective date of separation for the purpose of being registered under the Selective Service Act of 1948.

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