Dad’s continuing education part 1

Even though Dad quit school at 16 or so, he still kept on learning. For one, he completed a Navy Training Course to become a fireman. This was news to me.

Navy Training Course Certificate
Bureau of Naval Personnel & Navy Department
United States of America
(silhouette of Naval ship)

PATRICK, Elvin M., FA, 302 80 08, USN.
Having completed the Navy Training Course

for Fireman with a mark of 3.55 and all required practical factors for Petty Officer —- Class and for the rating of Fireman in accordance with Manual of Qualifications for Advancement in Rating (NavPersl8068) Code 610.011 is awarded this First day of January, 1950.

Notification to this effect has been made in his service record.

/sig/W. H. Sample, ENS., U.S. Navy “B” Division officer

/sig/ E. E. Yeomans, Captain, U. S. Navy. Commanding U.S.S Roanoke (CL-145)

Here’s a certificate from the primary course — about 6 months before the one at the top.

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