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Old Writing: Part 8::School

I am going to guess this was 4th grade. It was written in cursive and I think we had fruit breaks in 4th grade and another piece that looks identical is from fall of 1966. This was the year I had Mrs. Tidwell, an opera singer-shaped single mother who lamented not being an opera singer, loved Hawaii and for some reason had a huge model of the Marna City building complex in her classroom. I despised Mrs. Tidwell.


I like school because we have a fruit break every morning. I don’t like school because I don’t finish my work sometimes. I like school when we have records to play. I don’t like school when we have a short recess. I like school when it’s warm to walk to school. I don’t like school when we have hard work. I like school when we have parties. I don’t like school when we play outside when it is cold. I like school when I am not at school. I don’t  like school when I don’t bring any fruit. I like school when it’s fall and leaves change color. I don’t like school when I get hurt at school. I like school when I go outside and play. I don’t like school when we have a fire drill sometimes. I like school when we have a fire drill sometimes. I don’t like school when I don’t get a ball. I like school when I get a ball.

Mom’s Artwork: Exhibit 3: Man With a Camera

This piece has no date, but it was Lesson 21, Assignment 2. Therefore it was completed after the lighthouse if the lessons were completed in order.

man with a camera
Man With a Camera

The artists at the Famous Artist School sent the painting back with critiques via a piece of translucent paper over the original piece and suggestions in writing and on the drawing itself:

critiques of man with a camera
Critiques of Man With a Camera

Dad and friends at the Shangri La

Found this among the photographs/letters/recipes/magazine clippings at Mom’s house. The photo was inside a two-fold handmade card with the Shangri-La Bar drawing taped to the front. On the inside, facing the photo are the addresses of the other sailors. They are hard to decipher, but here goes:

According to the back of the card the Shangri-La Bar was located in Panama City, Panama (156 Calle Del Estudiante, One Block from the Lesseps Park) and featured:

  • Newly and artistically remodeling
  • Better drinks at popular prices
  • Quick and competent service
  • Caters to all branches of the U.S.A Armed Forces and Canal Zone personnel
  • An honest to goodness modern bar that pleases the eye as well as the drinking taste of its customers

I checked, there is no Shangri-La bar in Panama City, Panama any longer, nor is there a park named Lesseps.

This is not politically correct and quite offensive, but this was probably 1949, so let’s give it a pass. Anyway, that woman was probably about to turn around and give the wolves a piece of her mind.

Three wolves dressed in navy gear at a bar
Shangri-La. Front of a handmade card

I love the look on the bartender’s face. These days we’d call it photobombing.

Four sailors and a bartender
Dad (far left) and friends.