New Year Resolutions v.2017

I always make resolutions — usually privately — and never actually accomplish anything. One year I was going to learn Danish. Nope, didn’t happen. (nope, skete ikke). One year I was going to stop procrastinating. Again, nope, didn’t happen). Exercise? Nope.

This year I’m doing something different. I simply want to learn a new thing each month. New things like how to parallel park, how to make gnocchi, and more about our personal finances. I also want to take this year to finally organize the house — declutter, I suppose — by tackling a different part of the house each month. This month it is the basement since we are halfway there anyway with the remodel.

That’s it. I am not making any other resolutions.

We’ll see how it goes.

6 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions v.2017

  1. We’re already five days into January so I expect you’ve had plenty of time to learn how to parallel park or make gnocchi or declutter your basement or learn more about your personal finances, or perhaps you have actually accomplished all of these by this point? Update please…

    The New Year’s Resolution Police


  2. Good luck!

    Start with potato gnocchi, then move onto pumpkin.

    I also want to declutter my office. That’ll be a year long task in itself.I said it here first.I’ve only once managed to make a New Year’s Resolution that I stuck to, so I don’t hold out much hope!


    1. Thanks, Mali. I got a lot done in my office yesterday — although this is technically basement decluttering month, I get so depressed working in my self-made clutter that I needed to do something about that. Will work on it again today.


    1. Ha, I don’t think so, really. I’ve made it so I don’t have to do or give up the same thing every day, but work towards a decluttered life, a more knowledgeable future, etc. month by month. So far, so good.


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