Resolution of Condolence for Ralph Tyler 1929

My grandfather’s uncle Ralph was a firefighter in Sioux City, Iowa. He died in 1929 and the Sioux City Firemen’s Association sent the following “Resolution of Condolence”. It has all the right words, but is very formally written. It is remarkable that this 85 year old piece of tissue paper is still readable.

Resolution of Condolence

Whereas, on March 20th, 1929, death took member and former president of our Local and at the time of his demise Vice-president of the Iowa Association of Fire Fighters, a man who by unceasing and unselfish devotion and loyalty to our interests, who in his quiet and unassuming manner had commanded our respect, excited our admiration, and gained for himself the friendship of many who will sincerely mourn his loss; and

Whereas, in his life and in his association activities, he ever displayed undaunted courage, battling always straightforwardly and openly for what he believed to be right and for the good of all, and letting neither opposition to nor apparent hopelessness of worthy causes deter him from pressing on to achieve victory for them, and whose vigorous personality and tenacity in pursuit of his purpose were ever a stimulating force in developing in others that militancy of organization spirit, without which our cause would soon become feeble and emasculated; and

Whereas, in the death of Ralph Tyler, Sioux City, Firemen’s Association, has sustained a loss unparalleled in its history; and

Whereas, we feel that his influence for good has extended far beyond the limits of Sioux City; therefore be it –

Resolved, that we give expression of our sincere and heartfelt sorrow by tendering to the bereft relatives our deep sympathy in their loss; and be it further –

Resolved, that copies of this REsolution be sent to the family of the deceased; that a copy be sent to the Iowa Association of Fire Fighters, to be placed on record; that a copy be sent to the International Association of Fire Fighters for the publication; that a copy be spread upon the Minutes of this Union, and that the Chapter No. 7 be draped for a period of thirty days.

Sioux city Firemen’s Association,

/s/D. D. Welsh/ Rec. Sec.

Here’s his obituary.

ralph tyler obit

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