How I learned that Cokie Roberts lives nearby

So, on Monday afternoon I got a phone call. The ID on the phone display read:


I didn’t answer, but later was curious and listened to the message. Notice that the message did not say “This is a message from your neighbor Cokie”. However, I made a note to be on the lookout for a scared looking black lab if and when I was out and about.

Katie the Missing Lab belonging to Cokie Roberts
Katie — photo courtesy

That evening just before I left for Alexandria (to teach a class on document accessibility the next morning) I checked the news on my phone. I have a “Bethesda, Maryland” section on Google News and noticed that the Baltimore Sun had an article about Cokie Roberts and her lost dog, Katie. I was a little amused that a newspaper like the Baltimore Sun ran an article about a lost dog. Then I was kind of excited to learn that Ms Roberts lives within a few miles of me. The article (and the message) mentioned Bradley Boulevard which is very close to me as well as Walt Whitman High School (not the one from Room 222) which is where my children went  to school.

I now wonder if perhaps I have passed her in the grocery store or cut her off while driving on Wilson Lane. Truth be told, I would not recognize her. She’d have to accidentally put her groceries in my cart and then launch into a monologue about the benefits of avocados. (I know she is on some TV news program now, but I’ve never really watched it.)

By this morning the news about Katie the dog was on at least 10 media sites including the Washington Post and Huffington Post.

While I sincerely hope that Katie is quickly and safely returned to Cokie (I can call her that, she’s my neighbor and Mary Martha Corinne Morrison Claiborne Boggs is a mouthful) I do find it amusing that it has made such news around here.

UPDATE: I am sad to report that Katie was hit by a car and killed near our local middle school.

5 thoughts on “How I learned that Cokie Roberts lives nearby

  1. That sort of thing would totally make the news here. I mean, when Stephen Fry tweeted that he was in line outside the Apple Store in Wellington to buy an iPad3 for a friend (of course he had already had his own ordered or gifted or whatever famous people do), it made the news. So your story about the lost dog made me feel better about our star-struck media too!


  2. Dona, I read your article in the Chetek Alert and you talked about my mother Millie at the Indianhead Bar and how your grandparents where good friends of her. I am trying to place you and not able to do so. Who are your grandparents?


  3. Mali, I think you are putting the situation in a very polite frame – good for you. My feeling is one of irritation! Not with you, Dona, of course! But with the idea that the Baltimore Sun deemed the story of enough significance to allocate space to it, presumably because it was Cokie Roberts’ dog, not Joe Schlmoe’s dog. Am I being uber egalitarian, or just a jealous crank? Or both?!


  4. Ok, I read the Baltimore Sun article online. I WAS being a crank. The description of the dog given by the family who fostered her made me want to go out and adopt a rescue dog! My husband would LOVE that, but I have a huge aversion to animal hair in the house, not to mention asthma and lots of allergies. And they barely had the dog a day before it was hit. Bummer.


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