My Brain and Reading

Sometimes when I try to read it is like my brain has turned into a wall of concrete and the words from the book fling themselves at my brain only to hit the wall and slide down its surface like cartoon characters. There they puddle at the bottom of the wall, leaving a jumble of words that I can make no sense of.

Other times when I read, the words fling themselves at my brain and melt into it as if my brain is room-temperature butter where they all combine into deliciousness and the meaning of the combined words is readily accessible. These times I can devour pages and chapters quickly.

I don’t understand why this happens — why sometimes I can read and other times I cannot. It’s not the content because this happens with books of all kinds. It’s not the time of day because it happens all hours. It must be because of the state of my brain. There must be brain chemicals that, when in high doses (or perhaps in low doses) make reading impossible.

Right now my brain is a butter brain and I’d love to sit and read. However I’ve got work do do before I can sit and read. I only hope the butter brain lasts through my housework and computer work so that I can have a good chunk of pleasurable reading later today.

5 thoughts on “My Brain and Reading

  1. Butter brain. I love it! And I know exactly what you mean. My brain has been resistant to reading for about the last month. It’s driving me crazy.


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