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Things I thought were hilarious but apparently I was the only one

Within the past couple of weeks I’ve posted some images to Facebook and twitter that I thought were really funny. None of them got much notice either place. Either I have a really immature sense of humor or else the world of social media moves to quickly for people with senses of humor similar to mine to see most of what I post. Or else they were truly not noteworthy.

Luckily for me I have this sort of speakers corner and can say pretty much what I want to say. You may still not find it funny, but at least I can laugh again when I look at it — perhaps in triplicate.

The first image was only posted on Facebook. I’d been playing around with Google Plus and noticed that games were now available on my account. Even though I’ve been known to play games on Facebook, I was hoping that Google Plus would not have games. I clicked on one of the games on Google Plus (Angry birds) and saw that someone in my circles had recently played it. I played one round and as I quit the game a colorful scoreboard popped up on my screen. It seemed that I’d gotten a lower score than the person in my circles who’d also played Angry Birds. I thought it was hysterical so posted a screen shot of the scoreboard on facebook with this status:

If you were on Google Plus, you could play Angry Birds with Mark and me.

Come on, isn’t that funny?

The next thing was on Saturday when Clare was on her way back to school. I often use Google Latitude to track her comings and goings (with her blessing and only when she’s due here or due back at school. Shut up, I do give her some privacy). About 3 hours after she left us I checked her progress and saw that she was on Interstate 81 in Pennsylvania, just outside Harrisonburg. About a half hour later, Dean asked if I knew where Clare was and I told him where she’d been earlier. I checked again and found she’d moved a bit, but was no longer on the road. In fact she was in a lake near the junction of I81 and I78. I thought this was hysterical too and posted a screenshot with the following status:

This is why I should not follow Clare on Latitude when she’s on her way home or back to school…

You’re cracking up, right?

Finally, and not really so funny, but more creative (IMHO), was today’s series of photos of me cleaning up after Irene. I didn’t want to clean up and put it off for a while. Dean had to remind me twice that we needed to pick up sticks. Finally I got ready to go outside and pick up things off the lawn, but first I needed to put on my knock-off wellington boots which gave me an idea and made the job more fun…

One, Two -- Buckle my shoe
One, Two — Buckle my shoe
Three, four -- Shut the door
Three, four — Shut the door
Five, six -- Pick up sticks
Five, six — Pick up sticks
Seven, eight -- Lay them straight
Seven, eight — Lay them straight

Nine, ten — begin again!

Okay, you can go back to work now. I’m finished.


Another High Wind in Bethesda

Earlier in the week we had an earthquake and last night / this morning we had a hurricane. Someone or someones on Twitter called it the week of the hurriquake.

I fell asleep last night to gentle rain and mild breezes and woke up around 1:30 AM to bursts of rain heavy rain and loud wind gusts. I think that’s what woke me up — either that or the sound of a transformer blowing somewhere nearby. I checked the clock and saw it was still glowing, so knew the transformer was the one that connected to our power lines.

Tweet from Mike Leroy
Tweet from Mike Leroy

Unable to sleep, I went upstairs and logged onto Facebook and Twitter to see how others were doing. Some had lost power, others had seen it go out while on their way home from nights out. Most were just posting from home hoping their power didn’t fail. I posted a couple of updates and then I received my favorite tweet mention of all. It was from Mike Leroy who sang the title song in one of my favorite movies when I was younger, A High Wind in Jamaica. I blogged about this song in my song a day blog and Mr. Leroy commented on that post.

Anyway, we survived and so did our power. Only minor damage to the house (a downspout came loose) and a few downed branches. Nothing much else to report.

Here’s hoping those of you to still meet Ms Irene will come out as unscathed as we did.

The Birthday Quake

Just a quick post to let you know we survived the earthquake on August 23. I was sitting at my computer in my attic office when the desk began to shake. My first thought was — as it always is when my desk shakes — EARTHQUAKE. Then I thought it was probably construction or a truck driving down the street. Then it got stronger and I thought, EARTHQUAKE! Then I thought, YAY! EARTHQUAKE ON MY BIRTHDAY. Then I thought, SAVE THE KIDS! and ran downstairs to tell the kids, who were running around the house yelling, EARTHQUAKE!! to get outside, NOW!

They went out the back door and I went out the front door. We all met in the front yard along with all the neighbors who were home at that time. Everyone was asking, DID WE JUST HAVE AN EARTHQUAKE?

Later, after we went back into the house and confirmed that we did, in fact, have an earthquake, the kids named it a birthday quake. We assessed the damage:

Then the kids went out and bought ingredients for my birthday dessert. I gave them 4 suggestions. They chose the berry trifle.

It was delicious.