In which I agree with someone from the Guardian

Note to Tina — if you still read this blog, skip this post. Vampires are mentioned.

My kids and I had an interesting conversation in the car last week on our way to somewhere (we were in the car a lot last week and this week). Clare brought Twilight along to re-read to gather even more ammunition for her “Why I hate the novels of Stephanie Meyer” campaign. She also suggested that vampires have had had their time in the sun (so to speak) and now it was time for another ghoul to get recognition. Andrew wondered which preternatural being would be popular next. He thought zombies perhaps. I suggested werewolves because I’d heard a rumor that that Dark Shadows is being made into a film starring Johnny Depp (as Barnabas Collins) and in the original series the hunk of the bunch was the werewolf, Quentin.

This was before I read the article in the Guardian in which the author also suggests werewolves are up next.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “In which I agree with someone from the Guardian

  1. Yup, Dona, I’m still reading as often as I can. I miss this space, but hope to get caught up and up and running again myself soon. AND, if you mention vampires and Johnny Depp in the same post, I HAVE to read it because, well, Johnny Depp…Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp? That would be a must-see. But I’d rent it. I don’t think I could handle it in a dark theater.
    .-= Tina´s last blog ..Swine & Wine =-.


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