False Alarm

Ok, I could have sworn I wrote about the lunar landing and walk, but it seems like I didn’t find it worthy of documenting.

Diary entry from July 16, 1969

I suppose what I remembered writing about was four days earlier when Apollo 11 took off from Earth:

Diary entry from July 16, 1969

Wed July 16 1967

Dear Diary,
What next! The moon now, mars next? Saw the flight of Appolo [sic] 11.

Penny and I had a Seance to day & we brought back Hitler & Lenin we think. We didn’t see D.S [Dark Shadows] today. Saw Michel J. Burke! Didn’t read Dracula to-day.

Penny and I were honestly not budding skin-heads. We’d just learned about Lenin and Communism in school and confused him with Hitler who we’d heard might not be dead. We wanted to try to bring him back to see if he really was dead. I guess he was. I think the explanation needs its own post. (oh, and the v with two dots over it was my secret vampire symbol.) Ok — I was a little weird at 13.

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