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Happy 100th Birthday Frances Lide

Cue music from The Writer’s Almanac and imagine Garrison Keiller reading this:

Today is the 100th birthday of journalist Frances Marie Lide, born in South Carolina (1909). Frances and her younger sister, Dora, were raised by their mother after their father left. Frances attended Converse College for a year before deciding she wanted to work for newspapers. She found a job with The Greenville Piedmont and stayed with them for 3 years writing stories about churches and schools.

After The Greenville Piedmont she worked as telegraph and society editor for The Greenwood Index-Journal.

Frances wanted more out of her life and career so she saved up $200, packed her belongings  and took a train to Washington DC to find work there.

Despite having her luggage stolen when she arrived at Union Station, Frances inquired at several newspapers, but no one had a job. She didn’t give up, however and returned to one of the newspapers (The Washington Evening Star) where she was hired to cover Eleanor Roosevelt’s press conferences. Frances worked for The Washington Evening Star covering first ladies’ press conferences and other topics from 1935 through her retirement in 1970.

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