In which Helen pays a visit & Indigo Bunting is referenced

So, last night the only dream I recall involved Helen and Indigo Bunting.  I was in an unfamiliar place — it was dimly-lit, but warm and comfortable. There were other people in the room, but they were all shadows. Helen sat on a sofa next to me and we were discussing our carbon footprints. I was telling Helen that I thought her carbon footprint was much smaller than mine — that Indigo Bunting said so. Something about kids being environmentally unsound.

As I sit in my living room this morning and look at the mess my teen aged daughter has made of the room — papers strewn over every horizontal surface, tubes of paint littering the coffee table, broken Christmas ornaments she promised to donate to the art room, dirty socks and hair ribbons scattered around — from studying for exams half the night, I think IB had a point.

Oh, Helen — your hair was georgous in the dream.

6 thoughts on “In which Helen pays a visit & Indigo Bunting is referenced

  1. Ah, CW, my Facebook status “Indigo is nulliparous,” must have really gotten to you. I swear I wasn’t proselytizing! But I love it when we bloggers get together in the subconscious world…


  2. Thank goodness, I would hate to think that I appear in people’s dreams wearing a mullet. And pay no attention to Indigo, she has a tendency to be judgmental. Oh, are you there Indigo? (She also tends to eavesdrop.) Hi! Are you using phrases like “How to remain nulliparous” on those flash cards?


  3. IB — I think your Facebook status triggered a memory of something you said on one of your blogs once or in someone’s comments. Never fear I didn’t think you were being judgmental nor did I think you proselytizing.

    I didn’t intend for my title to be Winnie-ther-Poohish, but now that you mention it, I guess it is. (Was Milne the first person to use the “In which…” titles?)

    Helen — no mullet for you. You actually looked like the final photograph you posted. I think you were wearing the colorful clothes too.

    Next time I’ll dream of IB with rabbit ears…


  4. Ooops, here I am eavesdropping. But Dona, it’s been hard, because this site has been taking an extremely long time to load/navigate over the last week or so…


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