I’m lucky it’s just low water pressure

Turned on the shower this morning and I got a trickle of water and assumed Dean was showering or running the dishwasher. I felt sorry for myself and wondered why Dean would use water when I needed it.

Turns out he wasn’t doing anything with water. The weather was — there is a massive water main break a couple of miles from us — along a road I’ve often traveled. 18 cars are stranded, according to the news reports. My mom called this morning to say it was on national news. I can hear the helicopters — probably transporting people to and from the hospital up the street.

I think these people have it a little worse than I do.

4 thoughts on “I’m lucky it’s just low water pressure

  1. Oh my … I watched this on the news and felt so worried for everyone involved. I’m relieved everyone was rescued. Sorry you’re dealing with the after-effects. Hope you have a Merry Christmas no matter what.
    Hugs and blessings


  2. Yep, water pressure got better before we left for Illinois. People saved — water pressure back to normal. All is well.
    Glad Dylan is back! I’ve got a file of my son reading the same story, complete with photos. I should see if I can turn it into a YouTube video (it is in authorware at the moment).


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