The Sho[u]t Heard ‘Round the House

Remember that computer Andrew and I were going to build? We bought the hardware and put most of it together not long after we decided to do it.

Then we put the PSU (that’s power supply unit for you n00bs) in upside down and didn’t exactly know where things should be plugged in. So we took a break.

Clare wasn’t much interested in the computer building process so she checked out the box the computer case came in.

Last night we decided to try it again. We turned the PSU the right way ’round and plugged in various things again. Andrew suggested we try to turn it on. We hooked up my monitor and I envisioned sparks and smoke.

I was wrong — the power turned on and no fire extinguisher was necessary.

Then Andrew turned on the computer (pushed the on button in front) and the monitor lit up with a welcome message and some technical stuff we didn’t quite understand, but we think it was telling us to buy an OS. Either that or it was muttering the 21st century version of Klaatu Barada Nikto.

Whatever — at least it’s telling us something. When we saw the message we both squealed with delight which caused  Clare to come running upstairs scared we’d been murdered.

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